What are the benefits of cooperating with MicroTribology Center μTC?

Working with us

Potential customers often contact MicroTribology Center μTC after realizing that the number of trial-and-error loops that they themselves would need to solve tribological challenges has become too great. They generally ask for a detailed analysis of the problem and the underlying mechanisms to target the right “set screws.” Our customers want instructions on how to control the friction, wear, and stability of their systems by changing the materials (base materials, layers or lubricant composition), suitable finishing processes (tribo-conditioning), or targeted break-in.

Bilateral projects

We handle your research and development contract in direct cooperation with you. We offer our industry customers a wide range of services as bilateral projects, such as the analysis of friction and wear mechanisms, the optimization of tribologically stressed products and surfaces, and the creation of models and lifetime predictions for tribological systems.

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Joint publicly funded projects


Together with various partners from industry and science, we supervise the organization and carry out research projects on publicly subsidized topics.

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Continuing education, lectures, and seminars


Our portfolio includes the conception, organization, and realization of scientific seminars and lectures on the topics of friction, wear, and lubrication. For our industry customers, this could for example be an in-house seminar concerning product-specific topics for developers or a workshop in the MicroTribology Center μTC on handling tribological problems. We offer lectures and seminars on tribological topics for our academic audience. These are also open to undergraduates and postgraduates of our industrial partners, as are continuing education opportunities at KIT.

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International networking


As a partner of MicroTribology Center μTC you will also benefit from our international network – for example in EU projects, which we apply for and carry out. We also plan symposia with recognized experts for an international audience from science and industry.

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Industry on campus


MicroTribology Center μTC is also a platform where students and industry representatives can get in touch. For example, if you are an intern at MicroTribology Center μTC or are writing your thesis there, you will not only gain an insight into the world of research and development but, in industrial projects, also get to know potential employers. In addition, we offer the opportunity to carry out challenging industrial projects within the MicroTribology Center μTC.

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You would like to do a doctorate in tribology, or you are looking for a doctoral student to work on a tribological topic? We offer doctoral theses in the field of basic research and application-related issues with industry participation. The MicroTribology Center μTC doctorate is a special type of doctoral thesis. A strategically relevant basic topic is taken up along with the participation of several industrial partners.

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Consultation and coordination


We will consult you comprehensively on the implementation of your research and development projects as well as on the planning of experiments and simulations. You will receive support in questions concerning the scientific basis of your projects, as well as in developing prototypes and optimizing your products. As an industrial partner of the MicroTribology Center μTC you also benefit from coordinating interesting research projects with other MicroTribology Center μTC partners, such as in the form of a MicroTribology Center μTC doctorate.

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